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The town of Manavgat, which allows you to sail the Mediterranean air, is opening its doors for you with its long coastline, mysterious natural wonders and a long-standing heritage dating from ancient times. Let’s go to Manavgat destinations without extending my writing …

The antique cities waiting for you to visit the coast of the sea, historical riches that will make you a short trip in the past, from the land you used to step to the stone used in the bridge; From the waterfalls to the rivers, from the lakes to the beaches, you are amazed at every step of the way, and with the dozens of nature activities you can do, the list of places to visit in Manavgat is getting longer. A journey that you will not get tired of traveling in Antalya’s Manavgat district, where you can discover even a little while, is waiting for you.

Manavgat Places of Interest

From the Romans to the Byzantines throughout history, from the Seljuk State to the Ottoman Empire; The story of making the home of various cultures is waiting for you at the boundaries of Manavgat. Let’s take a look at the places worth seeing in Manavgat if you are ready for a culture-filled summer holiday where you can breathe the air that smells of history every step of the way.

1. Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat Şelalesi

Situated on the Manavgat River, Manavgat Waterfall is formed by the fall of the river waters and offers various recreational areas for those who want to spend a holiday with nature. The restaurants around the Selene provide you with a great view to eat.

2. Side Antik Kent

manavgat'ta gezilecek yerler Side Antik Kenti

The Side Antique City, which hosts many civilizations in history from the Lydians to the Romans and the Byzantines to the Byzantines, is making history with a historical city and baths, City Gate, Temple of Apollo and historic houses that are waiting to be at the side of Side Beach.

3. Apollon Temple

Apollon Tapınağı manavgat

This temple, which is based on Apollon, the god of beauty, light and art, always goes ahead between Manavgat sightseeing places with its long history, remains and large columns dating back to 150 AD. You must witness the glory of the Temple of Apollo, which creates a poetic landscape over the sea.

4. Side Anfi Theater

Side Anfi Tiyatrosu manavgat

The Side Anfi Theater, one of the most remarkable historical buildings in Manavgat due to its baroque details, sculptures and style used in its decoration, is known as one of the rare works of Anatolia with its well known and interesting architecture with the construction of Romalılara.

5. Köprülü Kanyon National Park

manavgat gezilecek yerler Köprülü Kanyon Milli Parkı

The national park located around the Köprülü Kanyon offers natural beauties that you will witness during your visit from the cedar forests to the various natural formations and at the same time the remains of the ancient city such as the Temple of Artemis and the Temple of Zeus. Thanks to accommodation options around the Köprülü Canyon National Park, travelers are able to experience a vacation in the heart of nature.

6. Seleykia (Etenna) Antik Kent

manavgat gezilecek yerler Seleykia (Etenna) Antik Kenti
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Etenna Ancient City, located at Sırtköy, is an antique city surrounded by lush nature and city walls and is among the remarkable works of Manavgat. It is called “Dedekalesi” by the local people and there are historical remains such as monumental tombs, basilica, churches and baths.

7. Side museum

manavgat gezilecek yerler Side Müzesi

The side museum used as the bath of the Side Antique City agora has inscriptions, Roman and Byzantine reliefs, sarcophagi based on the Hellenistic age and porta and altars dating from ancient Greek times. Side Museum, which was restored in 1961 and opened its doors for local residents and tourists, you should add to the list of places to visit in Manavgat.

8. Aspendos Bridge

Aspendos Köprüsü manavgat
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Aspendos Bridge, which is standing by the Seljuks since the 13th century and now welcomes visitors as a remnant of the Roman period, is about 260 meters long and the material used on the bridge is amazed at the architecture of that period.

9. Titreyen Lake

The Titreyen Lake, located in Side, is a holiday paradise that attracts attention with its trembling even in the tranquil weather, and there are many hotel options that allow you to stay in this region. Do not come back from Manavgat before you travel around the Titreyen Lake, where you can choose to spend a few days with the epic nature of Manavgat.

10. Manavgat River

manavgat gezilecek yerler Manavgat Nehri

Manavgat River, which is the place where Manavgat Waterfall is born, is born from the Taurus Mountains and flows to the Mediterranean Sea and is located under the Manavgat and Oymapınar dams. In terms of minerals, you can swim in turquoise water which is rich and clean and if you wish you can make a little trip by kayaking and explore the surroundings.

11. Oymapınar Lake

manavgat Oymapınar Gölü

Oymapınar Lake, a natural wonder of Manavgat, famous for its beauties, is hidden behind the Oymapınar Dam but stands out as being a stopping place that is visited by Manavgat. You can also have a picnic in this area where you can perform activities such as rafting, mountain cruising and boat tours.

12. Evrenseki

Known as a neighborhood of Manavgat, the Universe is known to have been a historic neighborhood dating back to 500 BC and for some time Persians. You can sunbathe on the pristine sandy beaches of this country with its blue flag, which stands out with the public beaches, and you can enjoy the coolness of the sea.

13. Manavgat Külliye Camii

Manavgat Külliye Camii

Manavgat Külliye Mosque, which is the second largest mosque in the Mediterranean, is not only a place of worship for Muslims, and welcomes hundreds of tourists from different cultures every year. You can witness the grandeur by visiting these four minarets with outstanding architecture.

14. Oluk Bridge

manavgat gezilecek yerler Oluk Köprü
Foto kaynak: otelkurdu.com

Köprüçay River, which is a bridge over the river, stands out with its Roman constructions and its length reaching 14 meters. Because of its historical significance, the place where Manavgat sightseeing destinations are connected to your audience is located near Antik Selge city.

15. Boğaz Plajı

Boğaz Plajı manavgat
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Bosphorus Beach, which is the meeting point of the sea rivers and you can choose to get away from the crowd of Manavgat, which is frequently preferred in the summer months, embraces a clear and clear sea about 3 km long. You have to go to this coastal sheridine in Manavgat area of Antalya which you went for summer vacation.

If you do not have a problem with your time in Manavgat, then Manavgat places listen; You can add Aslanlı Cave, Altınbeşik Cave, Alarahan, Köprüçay River, Mahrumcalı Cave, Ormana Village and Agora Bath.

I shared information and photos about the most important places to visit in Manavgat from the most beautiful sightseeing points of our country during the period of Manavgat destinations. I hope this article was a useful resource for you before your trip to Manavgat. I wish you a good time in Manavgat.


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